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Featuring some wonderful artworks from our favourites.  Check them out!!!

Mary Faith II by Eman333     Deperet by Sallow    Favorite flowers in August by Daykiney

Blueberry 2 [08.2014] by SabakuNoShi      Purgatory II by a-pretty-white-lie     -society locks her up
in a cage full of
resentment and envy
and even when
pallid digits grasp the key,
she keeps it tucked away in her heart.

The Crow by wdnest       Epilepsy by wdnest     Venom lip art by Chuchy5

Eating Disorder AwarenessWelcome to an article about eating disorders, aimed at spreading awareness, advice, knowledge, and support into the community.
What is an eating disorder?
There are many known eating disorders in today's world; anorexia and bulimia are the most notorious ones. An eating disorder has to do with mental, emotional, and physical issues in regards to food and ones own body. There is no perfect description of what an eating disorder is, however, because every individual lives it in a different way. The only important distinction I can make is that an eating disorder in many ways cannot be controlled, it is an illness, and not a choice.
"Eating disorders are serious, potentially life-threatening conditions that affect a person’s emotional and physical health. They are not just a “fad” or a “phase.” People do not just “catch” an eating disorder for a period of time.  They are real, complex, and devastating
     When Arnold was badass by godaiking      fluttery feeling by vesner

White Fire by Keprion      Crasy smile by RHADS        STAMP: Consent Culture by CosmicQueenie

The MoviesAshley sat in a movie theater, her feet resting on the back of the red chair, watching the movie in front of her. She had brought popcorn, the movie popcorn, of course, which set you back a small fortune to have the delight of tasting $1 worth. She smiled at the cost of the popcorn, and the nagging couple over her shoulder. One lady sitting there quietly nodding and saying, not a word, her companion, talking at a great rate, in tones about subjects that were, to her bland and benign. For a minute the lady did not stop, her bellowing voice producing waves across the whole theater. Ashley sat there listening, hoping that she would not have to turn around and tell this lady to politely be quiet or worse.
Ushers moved up and down the seats. It appeared the movie was full to capacity. Their lights, flipping backwards and forwards across the darkened theater. With a slight shove, Ashleys' popcorn ended up on her lap. She had no companion, she just wanted an escape from the hospital, and esca
      Bad Apple Group Painted by AlfredParedes      The Journey Begins by photoflake

reflections by StrigoiVii       Ineffablepainting my red rose
yellow so you don't have to
see my agony.
     Photography is Light by artofphotograhy
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